Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well now...

So I have some things to put in storage.  I didn't really know for sure how many storage bins I needed, but at least two, if not three.  I had bought one earlier in the week at Zellers, and then today bought another the same size, and a larger one.  Then I came home and packed up what I'm putting into storage. My things have only half-filled the two smaller bins. Oh my, how things have changed. I have a few things I'll leave out until right before I leave, but they won't fill either bin.  Partly because the apartment is furnished, of course. As well, I have been purchasing new items with the journey in mind, so most of my things are either going with me, getting thrown out, or given away when I leave.  I was finished packing in about 15 minutes.  Wow.

I would like to maintain this lightweight lifestyle. I can move ANYWHERE when I'm this portable. That had always been a hurdle in the past.  I'll have my passport in about 10 days, and I'll be set for 5 years of travel! Wouldn't that be something.

Apartment Life

I've been in this apartment for 7 weeks now.  Some days it feels like the fire just happened. Then other days, it seems like a distant memory.  I don't particularly like this apartment. I didn't realize how much the loss of a living room space would matter.  There is no window to sit or stand to look out of.  There are lots of windows in this place, however they are all high up and short, and located over an obstacle - kitchen cupboards, the bed in each room, the tub.  I see a lot of sky...

I have been weaning myself off of television in preparation for leaving in April.  It isn't as hard as I imagined, due to the crappy tv setup compared to what I lost in the fire. Just a small 20 inch tv with analog cable.  No onscreen guide so I only get to see what's coming on in the next half hour.  I was also very spoiled by my PVR, and now miss all my shows because I'm either out, busy, or forget. Dammit.  I've missed the new Survivor episodes and The Amazing Race. I have been watching a lot of DVD's mostly ER.

Stormy has settled in for the most part, but I think he misses his window perches. there isn't any way to put him in front of a window in this place. He will have a wonderful view from the camper.  I bought him a hoodie yesteray,  Yes, it looks rather ridiculous but also very CUTE!

I intend to make him a few bandannas too. he doesn't seem to really care. He did initially act like he was paralyzed as cats often do when you put anything on their middles. Then he wore it for the rest of the night without complaint!

I haven't cooked much here. There aren't many cooking dishes here, and I don't see the point in replacing all my cooking and baking products when I won't be able to use them on the trip. So I don't eat many cooked meals, rather I've either been eating out or grazing throughout the day. 

No living room also means nowhere comfortable to sit down and curl up to watch tv or read. There are just the four kitchen chairs, a horrible ripped up and noisy vinyl office chair, and the beds. My bum misses my teddy bear sofa and chair & a half. Boo.

It is significantly quieter here, as the apartment is set back from the road, and the building portion I'm in is made of brick. That's a bonus I guess.  I also can take any of the four buses that pass by there to right outside my workplace. I don't always get a seat and when that happens, I often get off at the ferry terminal and take the ferry across. No crazy neighbors so far...there is however, a young baby living below me. Or at least there were. I haven't seen them in a few days, so maybe they've moved out. These apartments are available by the week as well as monthly, given that they're furnished.

I have a full weekend planned.  I'll heading out to test drive a camper today, shopping after that, sewing after that. Tomorrow I'll be at my mother's in the morning, making up some poster boards for my uncle who lives in a nursing home. His walls are bare, so I can't wait to cover them up with old photos. He remembers the old days well enough.

On that note, I best get my body in motion.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


"Consider making some plans for a vacation or short getaway, Sagittarius. Looking forward to something fun can make even the toughest of days far easier to handle. You'll be amazed how much you can manage when there's an end in plain sight. Your entire attitude can lighten. So take the bull by the horns and create an incentive for yourself. Do something special to reward the hard work you do day after day."

Interesting...very interesting indeed.

Friday, February 5, 2010

And Then...

Someone asked me how I was doing this week, referring to the loss of my father.  Well, to be honest, I thought I had been moving along quite nicely at Christmas. I had survived the holiday.  And then there was a fire.  I was sucked into the vortex of the world of housefire veterans...endless paperwork and taking inventory, both physical and of my own sanity. Sifting through the charred remains of your own environment. Rescuing the most minor of objects and feeling like you've won the lottery until you see another charred bit of sadness. Sleepless nights, aching body, rotten cold, and barely escaping with my life. In all the madness, I had somehow pushed my grief aside while trauma took over.  

The trauma is settling some, and then...I clicked on a Facebook game, Wordscraper and checked my inactive games. I knew they were there. I had been there before, shortly after my father died. The list came up with four games. One with my mother and three with my father.  I clicked on each game and saw the last words he played.  He became too weak to sit at his computer in the last couple of weeks. They are listed as inactive.  I can't bring myself to delete them. I'm sure his account will eventually hibernate. As soon as I opened the word list, to see who played which words, I began to cry.  I think grief is back from it's vacation while trauma was taking over the show.  

I miss you Dad.  I haven't forgotten you.  

Monday, February 1, 2010

Got Ssssssmoked in the Parking Lot

No, I am not writing about hotboxing someone's car...I am talking about pulling out of a parking space and a Dodge Caravan nearly ripped off my front end. He didn't see me, clearly.  I was able to limp home, but won't drive it.  I have to wait for the insurance company to come and take a look, get it towed to a garage and repaired. I don't think the frame was damaged, just the big ass fibreglass bumpers they put on them. Wish I had the hard rubber bumper I had on my old Camry. Even when thieves took it for a joyride playing bumper cars, they didn't damage the bumper.  It could take a hit. I think the insurance companies are in bed with the car manufacturers. Make the part of the car that gets hit the most out of real expensive shit that dents and breaks easily so we can milk the customers claims.  Who knows.  All I know is I got ssssssmmmmoked in the parking lot at Sobey's.  Dammit. ONE MORE THING to deal with.  Seems to be the story of my life. I'm ready for a new chapter.